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"Unique: the always refinedly arranged, poppy melodies and the impressive voice of the leadsinger Sarah."

- Linda von Euw, Bäckstage Magazine

"Remember the band April Calls. They are new, and they are damn great!"

- Marcel Juen, Radio Virus

April Calls’ artistic DNA is modern synthpop, rough and unpolished but with a refreshing melodic sophistication. Sarah’s powerful voice strings together the tunes with down-to-earth lyrics to create a catchy ensemble. It’s April by name and April by nature: fresh, optimistic, pumping!


Great reviews from music critics and frenetically celebrated live gigs! That’s what April Calls has been experiencing since 2011, when they first presented their songs to public and won the Acoustic Song Contest. In 2014 they released their debut album „Dark Night Neon Lights“, a 13-songs-journey through dimly lit nightly city streets. “The songs directly emerge from emotions, including all ups and downs. We always try to transport them in a positive, life-affirming way – intending to make people dance!”, Sarah explains.

April Calls directly entered the Swiss album charts and got airplay on numerous Swiss radio stations and performances at major Swiss festivals.

In summer 2016 April Calls released their second EP "Sun. Moon. Madness.” with the Single “Girls of the Song”, which premiered live at the Bundesplatz Bern as the official Song of the Frauenlauf 2016. April Calls continued their successful story with the distribution of overall 15’000 pieces of the EP and further airplay on many Swiss radio stations.

Sarah Radwan
André Kalberer
Andreas Lichtenberger
Tobias Rein
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